Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in employment at Prevailing Faith Christian Academy

You can fill out an employment application and submit it online, see the positions below.

You can also text the code 732910 to 415-851-3180 to apply from your smartphone.
(Do not call this number, text messages only)

Applications will be reviewed upon receipt, and qualified applicants will be notified concerning the next phase of our application process. Applications are kept on file for one year.

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Employment Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities

A volunteer is someone who works in a community or for the benefit of environment primarily because they choose to do so.

At PFCA, Volunteering is an act of service that is not compensated or is done as a requirement (service to fulfill number of hours – see Community Service).

Examples of Volunteers:

Parent volunteering their time in their child’s classroom 3 times a week throughout the school year.

An individual volunteering their time to help with school programs and events.

An individual who possesses a unique skill set volunteering their time weekly within a specific department

Community Service

Referring to service that a person performs for the benefit of his or her local community. People become involved in community service for a range of reasons – for some, serving the community is an altruistic act, for others it is a punishment.

The term “community service” therefore refers to projects that members of certain youth organizations perform. Some people may view Community Service as a hassle but others may view it as a “good thing to do.” Giving back to the community should be something people should volunteer to do willingly.