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Prevailing Faith Christian Academy offers multiple admission paths for families. The Scholarship Program and private payments are available to all.

Families should be prepared to share their income and residential eligibility information for a final review.

In addition, when completing registration at PFCA, families are required to sign the following three forms in order to participate in the Scholarship program. These forms must be re-signed every year.

Parent Waiver for Special Education Services:

  • Scholarship schools are not required to provide special education and related services.
  • Parents waive their right to any special education and related services their child may have.

Parent Acknowledgments Regarding Scholarship Funds:

  • The Department pays the school directly and that the family will not receive any funds.
  • There will be no refund to a parent under any circumstances.
  • The family chose to register at the school of their own free will.
  • The parent will update the school in the case of address change or transfer, among other matters

Receipt of Rules and Regulations Form:

PFCA has informed the family of any and all rules, policies, and procedures of the school, including but not limited to academic policies, disciplinary rules, and procedures of the school.

Can students transfer to other participating Scholarship schools?
Current Scholarship students who wish to transfer from one participating Scholarship school to another during the school year are required to submit a formal Hardship Transfer Request to the Department signed by both the parent/guardian and a representative of the receiving school.

A student is not permitted to enroll at a different participating Scholarship school until the Department has notified the participating school that he/she has been approved. If a student transfers without a completed transfer form and approval from the Department, he/she may lose their Scholarship. It is the school’s responsibility to inform the family when the transfer has been approved.

Families are encouraged to communicate directly with PFCA. If you have any questions about your student’s Scholarship or the application process, do not hesitate to email [email protected] with any questions.