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Louisiana offers three scholarship programs that enable families to send their children to the nonpublic schools of their choice.

The Louisiana Scholarship Program (LSP) is designed to provide students with additional opportunities to attend the school of their choice.

To be eligible for a scholarship, students must have a family income that does not exceed 250% of the federal poverty line and must either be entering kindergarten or be enrolled in a public school with a C, D, or F letter grade.

To learn more about the Louisiana Scholarship Program, including how to apply for a scholarship, please review the Scholarship Program FAQ.


Students with disabilities living in Ouachita Parish are eligible to participate in the School Choice Program, which provides families with tuition assistance to attend participating schools that offer special needs programs. Tuition assistance is 50% of the state per pupil funding for the student’s school district (approximately $2,500), and cannot exceed the cost of the private school tuition. Families are responsible for paying the difference if tuition exceeds that amount.

To learn more about the School Choice Program, including which schools participate and how to apply, please review the School Choice Program FAQ.

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