Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our school and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send an email to [email protected]

No, students are either picked up by an approved parent or guardian or leave on the bus or van at 2:30pm. An approved parent or guardian must call the school before 1:30pm, at the latest, and confirm with staff that their child is being picked up or dropped off by the bus or van.

No, students are either picked up by an approved parent or guardian or leave on the bus or van at 2:30pm. An approved parent or guardian must call the school before 1:30pm, at the latest, and confirm with staff that their child is being picked up or dropped off by the bus or van.

Yes, we offer music, drama, chorus, and Chromebook access.

We offer K5-8th grade level education. (As of the 2019-2020 school year)

Burgundy tops, navy bottoms, navy or black socks, black belt. Uniforms can be purchased at Uniforms We Trust 4004 Desiard Street, Monroe, LA 71203. However, there will be opportunities for the children to wear jeans and a school related t-shirt.

No, Prevailing Faith Christian Academy does not discriminate against students of any race, religion, or ethnic origin.

Yes, we intend to offer summer programs in one session. Contact us [email protected] or 318.410.1201 to find out more information.

Yes, we offer a nutritional lunch plan. Parents are more than welcome to provide their child(ren) with pre-made lunches.

The Louisiana Scholarship Program

The Louisiana Scholarship Program provides thousands of low-income families who would otherwise attend C, D, or F rated public schools with the opportunity to send their child to the participating school of their choice.

Currently, over 7,000 students are attending nonpublic schools of their choice.

This Scholarship Program Family FAQ outlines the policies and responsibilities schools, families and the Department have during the Scholarship application and award process. Families should read the entire FAQ carefully and reach out the Scholarship team at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Applications are accepted in the school year prior to the year for which the award would be made.

Mid-January to Late February is the application window for Prevailing Faith Christian Academy

Scholarship awards are made by the Department of Education only. PFCA will not inform families that they have been accepted to their school as a Scholarship student prior to awards being made. Families that have questions about this policy should reach out to [email protected] immediately.

The Louisiana Department of Education will attempt to place as many applicants as possible in their preferred school choice.

When there are more applications than available seats, Scholarship placements are determined through an unbiased lottery process. Unfortunately, this means that not all students will be awarded to the Scholarship school of their choice.

Participating Scholarship schools are not required to provide special education or related services to students with disabilities.

Schools are required to accept any eligible student who was awarded to their school, including students with disabilities.

During the registration process, all families must review and sign the special education waiver, in which a parent waives any rights to special education and related services.

Schools must accept the student if the family still chooses to enroll their child despite the school’s lack of available special education services.

Current Scholarship students who wish to transfer from one participating Scholarship school to PFCA during the school year are required to submit a formal Hardship Transfer Request to the Department of Education signed by both the parent/guardian and a representative of PFCA.

A student is not permitted to enroll at a different participating Scholarship school until the Department has notified the participating school that he/she has been approved. If a student transfers without a completed transfer form and approval from the Department, he/she may lose their Scholarship. It is our responsibility to inform the family when the transfer has been approved.

Transfers will be approved on a case-by-case basis for hardships including but not limited to:

• Sibling unification
• Family relocation
• Student expulsion
• To accommodate a student’s special needs

Transfers are only allowed to schools that meet accountability standards and who have not exceeded their new student caps. In order to request a transfer, students must currently be registered at a Scholarship school.

1. Family completes transfer paperwork at the school to which they wish to transfer.

2. Scholarship school submits completed paperwork to the LDOE.

3. The LDOE process the transfer based on seat availability.

4. The LDOE notifies the Scholarship school of final decision.

If a family wishes to withdraw their student(s) from the Scholarship Program, they should notify the Scholarship school and take the steps to enroll in the school option of their choice. Students with documented medical leave may request a hold on their Scholarship by contacting [email protected]

Students who withdraw from a Scholarship school without transferring to another Scholarship school will lose their Scholarship award for the remainder of the year. If the student would like to apply for a Scholarship seat the following year, the family will need to re-verify income and residential eligibility, and the student must again meet all other eligibility requirements.

All schools must adhere to the policies outlined in their handbook when implementing expulsions. Families should receive and sign for these policies at the beginning of each school year. In addition, families should request written notification if their child is expelled or asked not to return.